Heavy-Duty Composite Rig Matting


Heavy-Duty composite matting creates a virtually indestructible temporary roadway or working platform in nearly any climate or terrain. 


Heavy-Duty Composite Rig Matting offers safety and stability, the two most important things on a worksite.  Our Heavy-Duty mats are designed specifically with high-traffic worksites in mind.  Perfect for oil rig platforms, utility roadway, pull sites, construction pads, pipeline worksites and much more.


  • HDPE composite mat that securely interlocks to form a solid and stable continuous roadway or platform.
  • Each composite mat has 84.5 sq/ft of usable surface area, weighs 1,150 lbs each, 600 PSI (42.2 kg sq/cm) with a Maximum weight load of 86,400 lbs sq/ft.
  • Aggressive vehicle tread pattern for harsh conditions such as snow, mud, sand, soft soil and uneven terrain.


Product Information

  • Panel Size:  ​(Useable Surface Area)      6.5' W  x  13' L  x  4" H

                                      (Actual Panel Size)               7.5' W  x  14' L  x  4" H

  • Panel Area:  84.5 Usable Surface Sq. Ft.  (7.85 m2)
  • Panel Weight:  1,150 lbs (521.6 kg)
  • Load Capacity:  86,400 lbs/Sq. Ft.  (600 psi or 42.2 kg sq/cm)*
  • Fire Ratings:  UL94HB

*Static load, solid sub-surface.  Varies depending on sub-surface

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