Medium-Duty Composite Matting

Medium-Duty Composite Matting creates a medium-duty temporary roadway or pedestrian access ways quickly and easily.


Medium-Duty Matting is ideal for temporary roadways in remote areas to pedestrian access ways for concerts.  This Mat can be used hundreds of times with little to no ground preparation over grass, gravel, sand, concrete, mud and other surfaces.  This versatile matting ensures reliable access for most vehicles.


  • 90 Mats per 53' flatbed truck or in a standard 40' ISO HC shipping container to save time and money on freight costs.
  • 28.1 kg sq/cm) with a Maximum weight load of 57,600 lbs sq/ft.
  • Aggressive vehicle tread pattern on one side and a pedestrian tread pattern on the other making it versatile in any situation.

Product Information

  • Panel Size:  ​(Useable Surface Area)      6.17' W  x  9.33' L  x  2.5" H

                                      (Actual Panel Size)               6.83' W  x  10' L  x  2.5" H

  • Panel Area:  57.5 Usable Surface Sq. Ft.  (5.34 m2)
  • Panel Weight:  496 lbs (225 kg)
  • Load Capacity:  57,600 lbs/Sq. Ft.  (400 psi or 28.1 kg sq/cm)*
  • Fire Ratings:  UL94HB

*Static load, solid sub-surface.  Varies depending on sub-surface

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