Supa-Trac ®  is a Heavy Duty Event Flooring and Light Duty Roadway System that can be used for helipads, inside event tents, stadium flooring, staging areas for lightweight equipment and walkways.


Supa-Trac is ideal for temporary flooring solutions for stadium concerts, events, festivals, graduation ceremonies, exhibitions, tent flooring, and pathways.  It is excellent for turf protection, safe vehicle and equipment access even on soft ground.  Supa-Trac is used by leading military forces, including all NATO countries for temporary tent structures.  Manufactured from high impact materials providing versatility, superb strength and high temperature stability.  


  • Uniquely durable yet lightweight, Supa-Trac  is ideal for protection turf during outdoor or inside tents where heavy foot traffic may occur.
  • With a load capacity up to 36,000 lbs/Sq Ft., Supa-Trac can support the weight of forklifts with pneumatic tires, light trucks and vehicular traffic up to 3.5 tons per axle.
  • Deployable in 5,10 or 15 panel sections without special tools
  • Supa-Trac ® panels allow light, air, and water to reach the ground below, keeping grass alive while protecting turf from the wear of pedestrian or vehicle traffic.


Supa-Trac® Deployment instructions
Deployment Manual for Supa.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [27.4 MB]

Product Information

  • Panel Size:    11" W  x  38" L  x  1.4" H
  • Panel Area:  2.26 Sq. Ft.  (.21 m2)
  • Panel Weight:  4.4 lbs (1.99 kg)
  • Load Capacity:  36,000 lbs/Sq. Ft.  (250 psi or 17.58 kg sq/cm)*
  • Fire Ratings:  UL94HB

*Static load, solid sub-surface.  Varies depending on sub-surface

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