UltraDeck Medium-Purpose Protection


UltraDeck is a medium-duty turf protection system.  UltraDeck comes in both UltraDeck 1 for Natural turf with aeration holes that protect natural turf and UltraDeck 2 for synthetic turf fields with a smooth top that is ideal for synthetic turf.  UltraDeck is perfect for large areas that require additional support for vehicles, staging and equipment.  The UltraDeck system has been used worldwide at all types of venues, including large soccer, football and baseball stadiums.  UltraDeck is great for tent flooring and pedestrian walkways.  


  • The UltraDeck system contours to the field as needed to accommodate "crowned" fields and other surfaces imperfections​
  • Designed to be easily installed without the use of tools
  • Self-aligning sections snap together easily in both directions 
  • Built-in 5-year UV package prevents brittleness
  • High ethylene content provides flexure and prevents cracking
  • High quality co-polymer plastic (high izod impact value)

Product Information

  • Panel Size:    1' W  x  2' L  x  1.125" H
  • Panel Area:  2 Sq. Ft.  (.185 m2)
  • Panel Weight:  2.88 lbs (1.31 kg)
  • Load Capacity:  20,000 lbs/Sq. Ft.  (138.88 psi or 9.76 kg sq/cm)*

*Static load, solid sub-surface.  Varies depending on sub-surface

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