Rental Policies and Procedures


Estimates issued to customers are not validation that products have been set aside for the customer.  To confirm a reservation, we require payment in full and a signed rental contract. Your order will not be considered ‘reserved’ until payment is received in full.


Payment can be made in the following ways: credit card or wire transfer (ACH). We take credit card payments over the phone or by email. Checks are acceptable only for advance reservations of 30 days or greater. We often receive last minute orders and understand the time sensitivity; however, we must receive payment before the items can be delivered or picked-up. Our invoices are due upon receipt regardless of the dollar amount.  Our policy applies to customers of all sizes, small or large.


Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. The day you book your order the items are considered out of our inventory for your date and thus made unavailable to other potential customers. This ensures you will have all the items you need on the date you require them. Because of this, we do have certain policies regarding changes to your order.

All reductions in numbers must be received by U.S. InterLoc Matting 14 days prior to your event. Any reductions or cancellations made within 14 days will be subject to a cancellation fee. Any increases in your numbers must be made prior to your pick-up or delivery and are subject to item availability. You may make changes by phone, email, or in person. This policy helps us to ensure that your order is packed as accurately as possible. See our Cancellation Policy below for more detailed information.


Reductions in quantity must be made a minimum of 14 days prior to your event to avoid penalty. Reductions in quantity greater than 20% and/or any reductions made within 14 days of your event are subject to a penalty of 20% of the total rental rate of the cancelled item(s) plus taxes. Any items cancelled within 1 week of the event date will be charged 20% of the total rental rates plus taxes. As these items will be made unavailable to other clients at the time of booking.


All sales transactions are final. Final sales transaction includes product delivered to and accepted by customer and/or service performed. Final sales transactions cannot be returned for exchange, credit, or refunds.


We charge sales tax when applicable, according to state and local sales tax requirements. Customers exempt from sales tax must present certificate upon acceptance of quotes. Sales taxes are filled and forwarded to the state monthly and quarterly.  Sales tax are non-refundable from U.S. InterLoc once sale is final. Also refer to “Returns and Refunds” for additional information.


The rental rate is based on a weekly (7-day) rental. Rental periods are available in one week, two weeks, three weeks or monthly rates. We do not offer daily rentals. Should you need the items longer please contact us to make arrangements.  If the products are kept longer then the agreed upon rental period, customers will be billed for the additional time the product is kept.


U.S. InterLoc Matting arrange all freight for pick-up and delivery of products through third party vendors in order to manage our calendar and accommodate our customers. Delivery rates are based on drop off to a point immediately accessible to our truck, usually that would be the location of where the event will take place. All deliveries require the signature of a responsible party for products and equipment to be left.  Should you have special delivery requests, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. As there are many deliveries in a day it is not always possible to give exact delivery times. For an additional fee it is possible to arrange for before- and after-hours deliveries, as well as time specific deliveries. You are responsible for any and all damage that may occur during transportation to and from your event site by a third party. You are responsible for ensuring all products, equipment, tools & accessories are returned in the same quantity as ordered.  You are responsible for ensuring all flooring panels are securely strapped to each pallet and properly returned to our location.   See our Missing and Damaged Items Policy below for more detailed information.


Unless full installation is requested, customers are responsible for set-up or installation of the portable flooring at their event. We are available to provide full installation for an additional set-up (installation) and tear-down (extraction) fee. Rental of our products does not include installation service; however, we require a product manager to travel with our inventory to ensure proper handling of the product.  Our product manager can assist your onsite supervisor with product knowledge and proper installation techniques. Our product manager is not responsible for running or supervising your labor crew during installation/extraction. All travel fees for the product manager will be included with each rental and may be subject to change.


We do our best to make sure your order is complete. If you discover any missing or damaged items upon receipt, please contact us immediately so that we can make a note on your account and make arrangements to replace the items if desired. If it is after hours please send an email to your sales representative. We will contact you as soon as possible. Many factors can contribute to items being lost or damaged during an event. We cannot accept disputes after an event is over.


If you will not be returning the items yourself or present for the pick-up, or will not be in contact after your event, U.S. InterLoc Matting will require the name and contact information of the person who will be responsible for your rental. It is best to appoint one trustworthy person to be in charge of the return. On return, all floor panels should be placed back on the pallets they arrived in and securely strapped back on with the rachet straps marked “USINTERLOC.COM” or the same rachet straps they came with. All accessories and tools should be placed back in the bins or containers they arrived in. **We often receive back items that do not belong to us. Any items found with your order will be collected and placed aside. You will be informed as soon as possible after your event if there is anything here to pick-up. We will store the items for no longer than 30 days. If we have not heard from you after 30 days, the items will be discarded**


To avoid extra charges, we recommend that you count your order before returning it to ensure all items are accounted for.       U.S. InterLoc Matting also counts every order when it is returned to our warehouse. We inspect the products for damages to ensure quality and safety and we inspect the condition of the returned products to ensure cleanliness for the next customer. As we take in many orders in a day, there may be a slight wait as returns are counted on a first come, first serve basis. If items are found missing, damaged or dirty (which will require excessive cleaning), you will receive a final bill for these items.


Rental items need to be returned to their point of delivery. All original containers, pallets, rachet straps, flooring products, tools and accessories must be returned. If your order is not ready for pick-up when freight arrives, you are responsible for additional wait-time or rescheduling fees. These additional charges from the freight vendors will be billed to you in your final bill.


If you do have missing or damaged items upon return, you will be informed as soon as possible. If the missing items cannot be found or if we are unable to contact you or the person responsible, replacement fees will be invoiced to your organization in the final bill. If any items can be located and returned within one week of your notification date, we will refund the full amount or update your account. No refund after thirty days. Replacement fees for damaged items must be paid upon receipt of an invoice. Any items considered un-rentable by U.S.InterLoc Matting will be charged at full replacement value. The customer is responsible for the goods from the time of pick-up/delivery until the items are returned to U.S. InterLoc Matting. Be sure that all equipment is secure and protected from the weather while it is in your possession. We do charge for; broken, damaged or missing items, including packaging materials, accessories, containers and bins. There will be an extra cleaning charge for, excessive dirty and/or hard to remove stains, dirt or mud on the panels. Our insurance does not cover equipment while it is in your possession.


You (the customer) are responsible for returning rental items in the same condition in which they were received, except for ordinary wear and tear. You are liable for the replacement cost of damaged or lost items. The Rental Protection Plan (RPP) is not insurance; it is an option that U.S. InterLoc Matting offers you to limit your liability for loss or damage to the product you have rented from U.S. InterLoc Matting.  The RPP covers 5% of the product cost (on invoice) for returned products in such condition: broken, damage, missing, or excessive cleaning. Items covered include but not limited to: matting panels, clips, ramps, cams, ratchet straps, pallets, tools, accessories and excessive cleaning. The RPP is a non-refundable fee.  Charges exceeding the RPP amount are the responsibility of the customer and shall be payable and due no later than 30 days from date of invoice. The RPP is optional and you may decline it by checking the decline box in the rental contract. If the RPP is declined, customer is responsible for all charges relating to broken, damage, missing, or excessive cleaning of the rental items under any circumstance.


Rental items are charged for time out, not for use. Every item that leaves our building is treated the same way upon return, used or not. This ensures that every item you receive is clean, sanitized, and safe. No refunds are given for items that were not used during your event.


Late rentals will be charged a rental rate for each day. If you are not able to return your rentals on time, please inform U.S. InterLoc Matting so that we are able to make a note on your account. If we require the items for another order, we will make arrangements to pick the items up utilizing freight services at which you, the customer, will be responsible for.


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